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Questions and answers both leadin to nothing false ideals, forced… - Why do you so enjoy fucking me? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Forties and Ribs

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[Jan. 13th, 2010|09:42 pm]
Forties and Ribs
Questions and answers both leadin to nothing
false ideals, forced acts
nonsense, madness, humanitarian acts
pick and choose, reject and repeat
each glass numbs the pain just..
a bit more. How many nights
and times like this. i stopped
counting when i stopped caring
learn from your mistakes , or
forget them entirely
down a bottle for each
fuck up the slow acting
poison protects us. Build your
immunity, a drop at a time
Drink to stay warm, rekindle
the cold of the heart
of all poisons to taint one's
being. Unadulterated truth
looking at oneself can open
doors into hell, the things we
bury, our skeletons, lie dormant
for a reason. Rememberance,
though cathartic, can cause
a shattering of the psyche that
one will never be properly equipped
to handle. Dreams deffered,
questions not asked, daspierations
never realized. These are
the stock and trade of the dead
and the dying, the hand held
by all of us, and to rise above
all this, clear the road ahead,
keeping one's eyes on the prize
& eventually finding peace
Nothing more than a bedtime story
told to children to help
them sleep nights, a joke,
a farce, a game like poker,
but without ever getting even a
high card. Play the game, even if
for nothing more than fun. Play the
game a quest for nothing more than
to lose. Grab the dice and toss
them till you crap out

Points deep within, cleanser
at the cost of self. Drink deeply
your sorrow, smile as ;you
finish the glass, call for another
round, another taste, piercing
skin and spirit alike. Euporia
traded for life

[User Picture]From: littlepenguin10
2010-01-21 08:29 pm (UTC)
I need you to call me please :)
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